Somalia Like It Hot

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Somalia Like It Hot

Mustaf Jamma (also frequently written "Jama"), co-conspirator in the robbery which led to the murder of Pc Sharon Beshenivsky, may have fled the country "dressed as a Muslim woman", says

This, of course, renews pleas from some quarters that the full-length niqab veil traditionally worn by conservative Muslim women be removed. And removed fast. With photographers present. And many, many bomb-sniffing dogs. Because that is the only way we can be safe from all these dreadful Enemies lurking about.

West Yorkshire Police have emphasized that Jamma's leaving the country in transvestite disguise is, in fact, just one of a variety of escape possibilities they are considering. The other theories they are entertaining remain, as yet, unreported in the media.

Actually, it is not known for certain whether Mustaf Jamma has gone back to his home country of Somalia at all. But it is speculated that if he did go back, he certainly could have dressed as a woman, and sneaked through airport security.

Most international airlines do – while respecting privacy – check the facial identity of passengers - even those wearing the niqab. But maybe Mustaf Jamma was feeling lucky that day.

According to the description given by WPc Teresa Milburn, who barely survived the robbery, the man responsible for shooting her and Pc Beshenivsky was approximately 5' 10".

Last Updated 20 December 2006