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Photo of the Day
A Meeting Of Men

We really like MykReeve's A Meeting of Men because of the slight blur - as if the two diminutive blokes suddenly sped up, wary that at any moment a black & white Adonis is going to grab them and shove them down the front of their trousers Spinal Tap style.

It also got a "Phwroah!" in the comments.

Last Updated 04 December 2006


I like the star and flower shapes drawn around the nipples. I hope that's non-intentional graffiti.

Ivan Pope

One of the guys in the photo is Sam Sethi. This was taken during our 'Pissed as a Newt' tour. I made a (bad) film of the event, here:
I guess Mr Reeve may have been on the tour - otherwise it is an amazing coincidence!