Man Goes 18 Months Without Toilet

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Man Goes 18 Months Without Toilet

Remember Ken's advice that we should avoid flushing our piss away whenever possible, to conserve water? Well this chap wins a mayoral gold star for not yanking once in 18 months.

He can't. He has no toilet. Nor bath, sink or shower. The spectacularly alliterative Gamal Gheedan of Golders Green has to discharge into bottles, and employ buckets to capture his fecal creations, all thanks to a tardy contractor who repeatedly delayed a bathroom installation. The situation isn't helped by his alarming suite of maladies:

With almost 50 ailments including high blood pressure, allergies and asthma, Mr Gheedan claimed that his specific requirements were continuously ignored by Barnet Homes, who he said refused to install a bathroom that would cater to his needs.

However, this may not be the one-sided sob story it seems. A Barnet Homes spokesman told reporters:

This tenant has obstructed and harassed our contractors on a regular basis, and also caused £600 of damage to a shower we installed. We cannot condone this behaviour, yet we have constantly tried to work with Mr Gheedan to meet his needs. We are in regular contact with him and are keen to resolve this issue once and for all.

A relieved (in many senses) Mr Gheeden has now been awarded £250,000 for his alleged ill-treatment.

Neighbours say that, at last, he's feeling a little flush.

Image 'It came from within' taken from the Flickr Photostream of Ereiam J.H.

Last Updated 15 December 2006