Londonist's Back Passage: Mapped!

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Londonist's Back Passage: Mapped!

Whether you're a tourist looking for alternative sights to see, or a proper Londoner who enjoys poking around the more obscure part of town, you can't beat London's historic and bounteous collection of alleyways, snickels and passageways. Over the past few months, Londonist has been exploring these often overlooked shortcuts in our weekly Back Passage column. Now, finally, we've got around to mapping the blighters, using the mapping tools at The column will continue throughout 2007, so before long we'll have the definitive guide to London's back streets.

Last Updated 24 December 2006

Edwin Lyons

The problem is, how to you define "back"? Width? Length? Purpose? Residential/Commercial? Accessibility?


OK, so 'definitive' was the wrong word. Things like this can't be strictly defined without losing or gaining things that shouldn't be there. In my head I'm considering a back passage to be any public route that is closed to motor vehicles and is no longer than a block or so. However, I may occassionally stray from that formula.

Tracy Rolling

This is great! I wish I could get it in guide-book form.

It would be cool if the map had links out to the original articles in the Londonist archives.


Any chance of getting the map in .kml format for us Google Earth fans?