London Underground Cordons Off Christmas

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London Underground Cordons Off Christmas

Speaking of Christmas trees, London Underground unveiled a rather isolated little tree at Kings Cross St Pancras a couple of days ago. Complete with Tube symbol decorations. It's a thing of beauty. But never in the field of seasonal decorations has such a lovely gesture looked so out of place, sitting as it does amongst the clinically polished halls of the new interchange.

We love Kings Cross Tube at the moment for so many reasons:

• The stenatorian gentleman who announces the most trivial of transport updates in the style of a Hollywood trailer. "Ladies and was a time of heroes...the Northern line is running a good service...prepare for the motion picture event of the year".

• The completely misleading 'Way Out' signs which have you traversing an Escher-esque tour of the station's sloping mezzanines.

• The preposterously loud ticket barriers on exiting the Met/H&C/Circle platforms. Jesus.

• The infinite queues of tourists in the eastern ticket hall, when there are at least three ticket machines completely free near the Christmas tree.

Ah, bless. Merry Christmas to everyone who works at KC. It must be hell.

Last Updated 08 December 2006