Life After Britpop

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Life After Britpop

While we don't seem to be able to turn on the television these days without seeing Kate Thornton or Vernon Kay peering on down at us, we never thought the day would come when a member of Blur who isn't Damon Albarn would be over-exposing himself to crazy heights.

Alex James has always been our favourite member of Blur. He's got cool hair, and well, he's just quite hot isn't he. But we're not sure we want him everywhere we look. Recently he's been presenting The Tube Radio Show for Channel 4 Radio, which we foolishly haven't yet listened to, but we're told is very good.

But today we hear of two new shows. The first is another radio appearance, as Alex has been added to the presenter rota of Radio 4 show On Your Farm. Now we know Alex lives on a farm but we still find something funny about the idea of Alex James on Radio 4 talking about cheesemaking and his 400 sheep.

The second is as one of 12 celebrities on new BBC Two show The Verdict. The celebrities will play the role of a jury on a ficticious rape case with the show designed to demystify how the jury and court process works. This bizarre concept sounds like one of the first 'must-see' television shows of 2007, particularly if you look at the stars involved - at least four of whom have had considerable brushes with the law. While Honor Blackman's appearance guarantees us as viewers, the other people joining Alex James include Michael Portillo, Jeffrey Archer, Megaman, Jennifer Ellison and Patsy Palmer.

The jury will follow the ficticous rape trial of an internationally famous footballer, Damien Scott, and his friend, James Greer.You can read full details on the show here.

We just want a Blur album Alex! Or at the very least a new Wigwam single!

Last Updated 12 December 2006