ICA: Kneal & Daleks

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ICA: Kneal & Daleks

As usual there's so much cool stuff on at the ICA next month that we can't list it all, but there were a couple of things that got us very excited:

Year of the Sex Olympics: Nigel Quatermass Kneale's prediction of the future is one in which the population is controlled through a television programme called the 'Live Life Show'. It not only predicts offal like Big Brother, but goes a step further by working out that what the audience really craves is violence. Brian Cox and Leonard Rossiter make this a must see screening.

1984 From Big Brother to Big Brother. The version of Orwell's dystopian view of the future. Forget about John Hurt and Richard Burton. Here you get Peter Cushing and Donald Pleasence in an adaptation again penned by Nigel Kneale.

Dr Who & The Daleks: Bit of a guilty pleasure this one. Rather than show the Peter Cushing movie (a Londonist fave with Bernard Cribbins and technicolour Daleks) the ICA has dug a bit deeper and is screening the original William Hartnell episodes. A whopping 230 minutes of classic British sci fi.

If you're not too excited by any of that we'd also recommend Sisters in Law, Unknown White Male, The Bridge and of course The London Nobody Knows + Every Day Except Christmas.

Last Updated 19 December 2006