Home For The Holidays - If You Get Fingerprinted

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Home For The Holidays - If You Get Fingerprinted

Apparently we are all ready to accept airport-style security screening at London railway stations.

Transport Secretary Douglas Alexander said we are ready. Or at least "extensive social research", as he puts it – and who is to argue with "extensive social research"? – suggests that we are ready to accept it, and that's good enough for Doug.

New searches could be done by hand, by sniffer dogs, or by electronic means.

Though apparently eager to protect the safety of Londoners, Douglas Alexander as an MP has consistently voted against queries into possible errors in intelligence and lapses in military safety, including deploying inadequately equipped troops, to Iraq and Afghanistan.

finger print

In his announcement yesterday, Mr. Alexander said that the possibility of attacks by terrorists in England - though he did not specify any terrorist group, motive, or methodology - was "severe".

This announcement coincides with this week's biometric identification trials at Heathrow Aiport. Biometric i.d. methods include fingerprinting, and facial and retina scans – yes, just like in Minority Report (2002). It is said that signing up for these biometric scans will not become mandatory for passengers. However, those who do not wish to have their fingerprints, retina patterns, and faces incorporated into the database, may have to wait in long lines. Very long lines. Who knows how long lines? What with the busy Christmas season on us, many passengers may be tempted.

Would railway passengers be ready to sign up for such a scheme to avoid long delays which may result from the newly proposed airport-style security screening?

Londoners will be hanging on Douglas Alexander's every word, to be informed of whether they are ready or not.

Last Updated 07 December 2006