Have a Knife Christmas

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Have a Knife Christmas
The Knife

The Knife have been one of our favourite bands this year. For many people the love affair with these Swedish siblings started way back in 2001, but, excluding Heartbeats, we really only heard them when a friend demanded we went to see them in March at The Scala. And how glad we are that we did.

The show was exceptional and demand for tickets was so great that they could have sold out the venue 5 nights in a row. Their 3rd album Silent Shout wowed critics across the world and the band became one of the most-talked about sensations of the year combining haunting melodies with glitchy techno that could make you feel sad, and make you want to dance your face off all at the same time.

So we're rather giddy to be able to present the dear Londonist readers with a special Knife Chrismas present - a free download of their special Christmas single. Not only is it DRM free, meaning you can play it in whatever you damn well like, it's also very good. Suffice to say if you don't like weird, it's probably not for you.

Download Christmas Reindeer.

Last Updated 20 December 2006