Hail Flora, Full of Grace (and Eggs)

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Hail Flora, Full of Grace (and Eggs)

Londonist: So they had a virgin birth at London Zoo.

Cronenburger: "Earlier in the year" it says. Did they make a big deal about it back then?

Londonist: Don't think so. But it's all Christmassy now that Flora is due to give birth in December.

Cronenburger: Not a good time to be a Creationist or one of those Intelligent Design wankers. Maybe God didn't plant dinosaur evidence to test our faith, maybe he left it there because he was a giant lizard.

Londonist: God-zilla. Nice.

Cronenburger: Instead of a skinny dead dude on a cross we could have velociraptors. The Church should sort that out. Get their membership doubled overnight. Kids love dinosaurs - not so keen on half naked guys asking you to put your finger inside them to prove your love.

Londonist: Dinosaurs are more basic. It would make the Bible a lot more interesting. "Take this, all of you, and eat it: this is the shredded body of Pontius Pilate which will be given up for you. Save me some of the large intestine".

Cronenburger: And when the Romans turn up at the Gethsemane to arrest Big J he can rip their throats out with his razor sharp teeth and then stomp on Jerusalem with his tail. Maybe he'd have chameleon like abilities too.

Londonist: Beats that walking on water crap. Plus it's scientific.

Last Updated 21 December 2006