Gay Sex Playground No Fun For Kids

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Gay Sex Playground No Fun For Kids

Come out to play... but that's only meant for kids, right? Not always...The phrase seems to have been adopted by the gay community in Sidcup, where parents are too nervous to take them to the local chidlren's playground because gay men have been loitering there to pick up one another for al fresco sex in the bushes and disturbing the otherwise idyllic innocent playtime of South London's infant population.

There are many parents who think that exposing kids to sex early in their development is healthier than suppressing the sticky subject... but having one's little pre-school darling surprised by a bit of rigorous anonymous gay sex playing Hide the Sausage in the spot where they normally hide for Hide and Seek is going a little too far. The police have been contacted by concerned parents but despite promises of assistance and regular patrols, the area is still popular for same-sex, outdoor couplings.

One of the local mothers expressed her concerns about the park becoming a cottaging hotspot:

"I actually saw one man dropping his trousers as he went. I would rather face a gang of youths in the play park than this."

We can see her point: if the "gangs of youths" are of the same brain-deficient calibre as those of nearby Forest Hill , we imagine they'd be easier to scare away (with the help of just one tartan rug) than a scrum of eager, amorous men. Hopefully, with the onset of cold winter weather, the playground will eventually return to the childrens' exclusive use. After all, it is well-known what the cold can do to gentlemen who bring their bat and balls out to play. Brrrrr.

Image of children and a friendly big red man courtesy of Isotype75 from the Stick Figures in Peril Flickr pool.

Last Updated 06 December 2006