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Has the London bath become threatened by climate change? It would seem so:

Moves to tackle climate change may spell the end of the bath. A London council is set to introduce planning rules encouraging builders to provide only a shower.

We would have thought a much more fun campaign to preserve water would be to advise Londoners always to take someone into the bath with them.

Will Londoners take this lying down? If this becomes the norm they won't have a choice but to stand up and be loofered.

Estate agents will probably swing this to their advantage as the extra space freed up due to the lack of a bathtub would provide plenty of room for a good sized London bedroom. But more importantly how will this news effect people who blog about bathmats such as Salvadore over on Smaller Than Life?

Will more bathmats be released into the wild for him to document or should we hang on to them for after the bathtime prohibition kicks in? Having one folded over your arm could gain you entry to one of the bathe-easy bars that are sure to spring up across the capital.

Tad lazy of The Standard to use the same photo that's everywhere this week. We care enough about our readers to spend a good hour looking at actresses in bathtubs until we found the perfect one. Horrible film though. The original was much better. And Veronica Mars went seriously off the rails after season one.

Last Updated 11 December 2006