Tonight Make Me Unstoppable

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Tonight Make Me Unstoppable

The epic new Bloc Party single is out there on the internet. It's called The Prayer and it's the first single from February's A Weekend In The City. We are glad to have heard it because we were quite frankly more than a little worried when Kele started saying things like:

"The initial idea came from watching the Busta Rhymes video for 'Touch It', where there are these young majorettes that are going through this kind of cheer pattern. I thought that was one of the most amazing things I'd heard, and I wanted to write a song that revolved around that sort of idea."


"It's got a real, almost crunk feel to it"

We are pleased to report that yes, it does have a pretty wicked drum rhythm to it, but it's not something Ciara is going to be singing any time soon.

You can listen to it here, but be careful, we've just spent a whole hour with it on loop.

Chris at Suspect Drawings says:

"It has that almost Gregorian backing vocals that are half singing half humming, that bring to mind TV on the Radio. The chorus is once again more more akin to what you would call a "Bloc Party sound" but relies on a keyboard rather than guitars to help it build up, its the sort of chorus a room of a thousand people with asymmetric, angular hair will sing at the top of their voices."

We've got our GHDs out ready. What do you think?

Last Updated 22 November 2006