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The P-Word

Gordon Ramsey

There might have been no 'donkey cocks' this week, but Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares is still essential viewing in this post-Hell's Kitchen USA times. If you didn't see it, Gordon went to Lancashire and shouted at the landlord of The Fenwick Arms for buying too many plates and having a crap menu. As ever on Kitchen Nightmares the solution was simply to cut the menu down to simple dishes and to use good ingredients. As a high entry on our 'wrong but still hot' people to fancy list, we also really enjoy the gratuitious stripping off scene Gordon seems to throw into the show every week. Channel 4 we thank you.

Seemingly inspired by his trip to The Fenwick Arms and the Real Gravy campaign, Gordon has now turned his very own hand to the idea of pubs with the purchase of two venues in London. First to open will be a revamped Warrington Hotel pub in Maida Vale. Originally a hotel, and some say a brothel, the pub was built in 1859 before being completely refurbished in 1900. It has a lavish Victorian/Art Deco interior and formerly served Thai Food in it's upstairs restaurant. Locals don't seem to be too impressed with their new circumstances though with one claiming:

Get yourselves into the Warrington and enjoy it while you can - well kept ales, friendly & attentive staff and an amazing interior make it a very special place indeed. If the newspapers are to be believed(!) this wonderful pub is about to get a tiresome gastro pub revamp courtesy of Gordon Ramsey. He's about to buy it and no doubt strip it of its appeal and whack up the prices. Tragic news in my opinion - the Truscott down the road has just closed down - can't he go and interfere with that instead?!

Whizz over to the other side of town, and Gordon has also taken control of the Narrow Street Bar & Dining House in Limehouse, due to be revamped for the Easter period. Already rather an upmarket pub it has an amazing view of The Thames, perfect for watching hazy winter sunsets on a Sunday afternoon.

However, Gordon's spokesperson is claiming that he does not want either of these venues to be described as gastropubs stating "It conjures up images of somewhere bland." He continued, "They are proper pubs as you would expect with excellent food and real ale."

As long as these proper pubs stick to proper pub food prices, we can't wait to try these out next year.

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Yeeessss. So we're happy for him to use excellent, simple ingredients (instead of the Brake Bros car crash food that pubs usually churn out) but we want to pay 1960s prices for them too.

Christ, people don't half whine.

Neville Farmer

I moved to Maida Vale after starting to drink at the Warrington in 1979. In it's day the regulars included the most diverse and interesting collection of musos you could expect in one room outside the Brits backstage bar. Typically, you'd find members of Mud, Sweet, The Cure, Simple Minds, The Pretenders, Aztec Camera, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, John Otway, Paul Weller, Robert Plant, Ozzie Osbourne, Debbie Bonham etc etc. John the landlord would take us by bus to the Derby each year and each winter we'd hold an adult celebrity pantomime (complete with Page 3 girls and explosives) to buy a new telly for the old folks home. In it's past, we all believed it was a brothel, that the mirrors along the walls and the staircase came from the SS Mauritania and the saloon was even used for a shoot-out scene in The Sweeney.

To be honest, Ben's Thai restaurant was poor at best but the pub was always great. But Gordon Ramsey changes the pub at his peril. I hope he is more sensitive than his persona suggests.

However, your previous commentator should know that he can't buy the Truscott because it's already been bought by a company (rumoured to include Jade Jagger) to turn into another Gastro-Pub. Actually, the Truscott needed it!



I'm not whining at all. I'm looking forward to them.

My final sentence is merely a comment on the fact that Gordon Ramsey's restaurants are notoriously the most expensive in London. Not expecting to pay £40 for a main course isn't moaning.