The Cock Mobile

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The Cock Mobile
A Cock Mobile

Ah Foxtons. Surely anyone who's ever rented or bought houses in London must have come across this delightful branch of estate agents and their funky green minis. Not many people like estate agents and while idley browsing through photos tagged with 'London' last night, we discovered the Foxton Cock Mobiles group on flickr - a group of people who are possibly on the anti estate agent slant.

The group states:

Those of you dwelling or working in London will, I'm sure, be aware of Foxtons.

This hard-selling group of estate agents have made the already stressful pursuit of moving house, even more so with their don't take no for an answer attitude and daily pressure calls informing you of their 'expert' view on the current state of the housing market.

Their dubious business practices have even made a Watchdog special on the BBC. Despite this they continue to be extremely successful and consequently offer their new recruits an incentive package that includes a Foxton's branded mini complete with it's own issue number.

I have decided then, to start a group where we try and collect as many 'Foxtons Cock Mobiles' (as they will henceforth be deemed) as possible.

We don't really want to encourage angry stalking of Foxton's employees, particularly as there's a man called Tom Evans who works at the Shoreditch branch who is H.O.T. (ladies, make sure you ask for him) but we couldn't help but find this hilarious. Gotta catch'em all!

Last Updated 22 November 2006