Pub Quiz Patrol: The Three Kings, EC1

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Pub Quiz Patrol: The Three Kings, EC1
The Three Kings

We like quizzes here at Londonist, but we don't go to nearly enough of them hence this being only our 4th ever quiz review. We're rubbish. Have you been to any good ones recently?

Name and location of pub

The Three Kings is in fancy Clerkenwell, past Turnmills, down a fancy road opposite a fancy church. We're being bitter as we quite fancied living in the house next door. Your nearest tube is Farringdon and it's about a 5 minute walk. The quiz is Mondays at 9ish.

What are the drinks like?

One of us ordered a Malibu and cranberry (it's nice - you should try it) and we got charged £2.50 'if you pay in cash', which was a bit weird. There's a fine range of beers on tap and bottle, and a nice amount of wine.


This seems to be different every time we go. There's always a menu consisting of things like Shepherd's Pie, Nachos, Chilli etc, but whether they actually have any left is an entirely different matter. They're nice though and let you bring your own food if you've run out.

Type of Quiz

This quiz is the notoriously hard Boogaloo music quiz - in a different venue. It left the Boogaloo over the summer when the landlord decreed it too hard and wanted to make it multiple choice despite people having to show up excessively early each week to get a seat. So yes, now it's at The Three Kings and is still presented by a very knowledgable man with a completely undefinable accent.

Length of Quiz

It's split into two rounds which both start with 5 picture questions and end with 5 audio or video questions.

Entry price

£5 per team which seem to have no maximum number of players.

How hard was it?

If you're someone who knows your obscure facts about music then this may just be the quiz for you, but you'll have the might of the always winning NME team to take on. Seriously, this quiz is the daddy. Do you remember what the B side to the, only released in Japan, 3rd single off Pink Floyd's second album was? Get down here and join our team!


These vary from week to week depending on what Richard has found in his big musical sack. It's normally some CDs or DVDs though. This is about pride, not the prizes.

The Three Kings is located at 7, Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0DY

Last Updated 22 November 2006