Museum of London Sells Thin Air

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Museum of London Sells Thin Air

Roll up, roll up for the sale of the century. A glass case of genuine London air (scary woman not included) could be yours for as little as £331. That's how much you'd currently have to offer to best the highest bid on ebay. It's all a new marketing stunt from the Museum of London, who explain their strange offering thus.

You are bidding for the opportunity to display anything you like in the front entrance at Museum of London. Your exhibit can be an object, a piece of film, a photograph, a letter or indeed anything that you can think of.

Anything we can think of? Well, let's see. How about a large sign saying 'welcome to the V&A', to confuse tourists? Or a grotesque ham-based sculpture called 'Pirranhas in the womb'? Fortunately, in case some sicko like Londonist wins, they've got small print:

Museum of London is a charity for all Londoners, we therefore reserve the right to ask you to change your idea or to offer the space to the next highest bidder if we feel that your exhibit may offend any of our constituency.

Bidding ends on 26 November. Act now before David Blaine snaps it up as a holiday home.

Last Updated 18 November 2006