Londonist's Musical Map

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Londonist's Musical Map

Songs about London: there have been many. But we thought it was about time someone mapped them out. So, using the power of Platial, that's exactly what we did. The map above contains 100 famous and not-at-all famous songs about specific locations in our city. It can be magnified, scrolled, and even added to if you're a Platial member.

It's interesting to note the most popular places to inspire songwriting. Soho and Chelsea are the undisputed kings, perhaps reflecting the influence of Carnaby Street and King's Road in the Swinging Sixties. But Kilburn High Road also gets a couple of dedications. The most musically influential builing in London seems to be the Tower of London, with three songs named for it.

Blackfriars, Albert and, of course, London Bridges have all encouraged musicians over the years. But so too has the Brompton Oratory...and Plaistow. Meanwhile, at least two composers hold a grudge against the PM, with a brace of tunes suggesting a tragedy on Downing Street. (Actually, that would make a good name for an album in its own right.)

So, have a play, add some of your own and let us know why songwriters seem reluctant to go south of the river (only eight examples). A more comprehensive list of London-inspired songwriting (we only included titles with specific locations) can be found here.

Last Updated 18 November 2006