Londonist Live: Circuits / Air Traffic @ 100 Club : 31 October 2006

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Londonist Live: Circuits / Air Traffic @ 100 Club : 31 October 2006

Riding on the success of Air Traffic, London based Circuits played at Oxford Street's 100 Club last Tuesday and we were there to see what the band billed as "one to watch in 2006" by Nokia are all about.

With influences such as The Police, Elvis Costello and Paul Simon, Circuits are described on their web site as being "frantic, twitching, spiky guitar pop", new and different and unlike the "indie-wannabees" which screams promise.

In reality, lead vocalist Benny seemed to lack confidence as he set upon the stage with vocals being drowned out by the noise of the drums and guitars. Although "Radio Silence" got a few toes tapping and shoulders shrugging, the atmosphere of the 100 Club could have been better for Circuits if they had engaged with the audience more.

As it was, they failed to really get the packed out club on their side, probably not through a lack of talent, but more a lack of experience. We think it'd be nice to see Circuits again in a year's time when they have had some more time to master stage presence and learnt to interact with their audience. Smile boys, those people out there have paid good money to be entertained.

On to the lead band and Air Traffic, whose lead singer Chris also encouraged the audience that

Circuits were "one to keep an eye on", graced the stage with all the presence you'd expect from a band that have been getting quite so much coverage in the press at the moment.

The vivid mix of indie rock backings from David on drums, Jim flipping out on bass, Tom joining him on the guitar and Chris's fantastic vocal performance and talent on both the piano and lead guitar soon had the audience screaming and cheering.

"Charlotte", the track that most people recognise Air Traffic for, was one to remember for the evening and their EP "Never Even Told Me Her Name" released this week was also a big hit with the audience.

Air Traffic won't be touring again until December, but you can catch Circuits at The Fly on New Oxford Street next Monday evening.

Words and photos by Rob Green

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