London Timewarp #1

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London Timewarp #1


It's the start of a brand new column, where we'll be taking a look at the changing face of London over the last century or so. Kind of like a time-travelling photoblog.

To kick off, here are views of St James, Clerkenwell in 1906 and 2006, a scene which has barely altered. Fewer trees, less cabling and a couple of extra rooms above the building on the left are the only real changes in a hundred years.

The church was built by local man James Carr, and dedicated in 1792 by the preposterously named Bishop Beilby Porteus. It stands just north of Clerkenwell Green - also preposterously named.

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The cabling is probably telegraph cables, which used to festoon London rooftops - eg. see this grainy pic of Elephant and Castle


Yeah I love the fact there are less cables in the future, I'm half expecting to see a black and white satellite dish half-hidden in the 1906 photo.


It's the same with advertising and road traffic. Much more in the olden days than now, as future installments of this column will show.


Can someone please photoshop the b+w photo to include loads of modern day crap and enter it for our Touch Up London segment?


see ... this is EXACTLY why I love londonist. A quite large lesbian being voted the coolest person in the world receives NO comments. An old picture of a church gets FOUR comments. God bless you all. x


set up a flickr group as thought this was a great idea, oh, and nicked your photos...sorry.

If you chaps at londonist would like to administer it then pop me a flickr amil and i'll gladly hand over the reins.