London Collection Competition Winners

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London Collection Competition Winners

Congratulations to the five winners of our competition to win copies of the London Collection (Think Books) - put together by some of your favourite Londonist writers (plus Mike). The winners are:

Mark Diggins

Tim Markham

Cicely Cooper

John Kerswell

David Constable

They'll all be receiving their free copies soon. If you're not a lucky winner, you can pick up a copy of the Collection from any half-decent London bookshop, or via Amazon (ignore that customer review, it's all nonsense and nothing to do with us).

Go on, buy it. It's got clever jokes in, and everything. Well, OK, not everything. There aren't any pictures. Apart from a sort of alternative Tube map. The publishers didn't even put the Londonist logo in it. And we had to shoot our own publicity photo - those books you see above are sitting on Mrs Londonist's towel! Damn them. Damn their eyes.

(Actually, they're very nice people, and we thank them warmly for their help with the book.)

Last Updated 06 November 2006