Ignorance is Strength

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Ignorance is Strength

Londonist: Check this out: "Parents have forced a school trip to a mosque to be abandoned because they did not want their children exposed to a religion that was not their own."

Cronenburger: Americans! Where was that?

Londonist: Croydon

Cronenburger: Oh for fuck's sake.

Londonist: You've got to remember that the children of Croydon are our future and that future will be short unless they learn to FEAR things that are different. Different = Evil.

Cronenburger: Does it say which religion it's ok to study?

Londonist: Not specifically, but we guess there's nothing much to worry about in letting your kids expose themselves to a priest. It's the ones who believe in all that weird crap that are dangerous.

Cronenburger: It's like you said earlier about us keeping an eye on the police - it's the parents that need the bloody education.

Londonist: Cool - then we could send the kids back down the mines and up chimneys like in the good old days.

Cronenburger: Which would stop them from filling up the buses...

Londonist: Joined up thinking. We'll send an email to the Ministry of Truth asap.

Cronenburger: You should blog this conversation.

Londonist: Only if we can find a picture of a couple of girls in dunce caps standing next to a robot caveman...

Last Updated 21 November 2006