Extra, Extra

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Extra, Extra
You're nicked
  • West Ham defender Anton Ferdinand has been arrested after an incident outside a nightclub in Ilford.
  • Russell Brand's 'shit hot' myspace show last night has caused outrage with fans after an apparant 150 out of 200 seats were filled with VIPs on a guestlist. Sadie Frost got booed on the way in.
  • Sign up for the police force, and you too could be the lucky winner of dinner with Mr Tom Cruise.
  • Online poker champions are heading to London this weekend, all hoping to become the 'International Man of Action'. Snork.
  • Be nice to your fellow commuter and you might become the lucky owner of a nicetie.
  • And finally, the less cool Gallagher loathes the Scissor Sisters. Who would have thought it?
  • Photo taken from Misty 69's photostream and the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 22 November 2006