Druids Coming Out Of The Closet

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Druids Coming Out Of The Closet

This wins the award for weird London event of the week ...! Sorry, no link - if anyone can shed light on who the mysterious author of this emailed forward is, please speak up now. It has it all: Druids, Blake, poetry, beer, omnisexuality, a-financiality (is that even a word?).


This is an invitation for poets who are interested in Blake to participate in an open event in the historic KINGS ARMS pub on Poland Street where the Ancient Order of Druids was revived on 28 Nov 1781 - Blake's birthday, and a few doors along from where Blake lived for six years (1785-91) at number 28.

I will speak on Blake's complex attitudes to Druidism, Bardism and on the legend of Blake as Archdruid. I will then invite poets to read original work that is somehow appropriate to the theme, read Blake, and/or join in the general discussion.

The Kings Arms is a rainbow pub, but the event is an omni-sexual affair in the upstairs room - where the Druids themselves convened - with 'private party' on the door. No homophobes, please...

I'd like to invite songwriters but the pub doesn't have a music licence.

Slots will be allocated on the evening.

It is an a-financial event. No entry-fee, no fee, no nothing.

No overly hippy/fluffy/cosmic/new-age/pseudo-mystical bollocks either [We like this part - Londonist]. Artistry, clarity, intelligence, please.

Members of the Druidic Order are welcome to attend.

7.30pm until closing...

"All things Begin & End in Albion's Ancient Druid Rocky Shore..."

Well. Will any budding Getafixes take their scythes and their poetry along and please give us a full report? Cheers.

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