Apology from Fly Infested Hospital

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Apology from Fly Infested Hospital

This is a bit grim:

A hospital has apologised to patients following an infestation of flies at one of its departments. The problem is in the dialysis unit at St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London. The hospital said the flies pose no risk of infection and it is trying to find the source and get rid of the insects as soon as a possible.

Trying to find the source? Our sympathies to the poor souls given the job of maggot hunting around the corridors of St George's. We remember from reading The Blood of Strangers that a good way to tease maggots out was to use strips of rancid bacon - but that was in the mouths of coma victims to entice them from the back of the throat so it's probably not as effective in larger environs.

Last Updated 06 November 2006