Ancient Spirit Under The Hammer

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Ancient Spirit Under The Hammer

We love a bit of luxury scotch. OK...we love a bit of no-more-than-£25 scotch. We can only dream the dram that costs £100. And then there's this. A bottle of whisky sold at auction for almost £15,000.

The Glenavon Special Liqueur Whisky is believed to have been bottled about 150 years ago at the Glenavon Distillery, which was located in Banffshire.

Bless you.

An annonymous bidder picked up what is thought to be the oldest whisky in existence at Bonham's. There's some confusion as to its exact age, but 1851-1858 seems to be the concensus.

Can anyone really be certain of its provenance? Surely the thing can't be opened for testing, and the dark glass would seemingly rule out spectoscopic study. For all the buyer knows, it could be a bottle of deftly labelled mouse piss. Or 'Bells' as it's more commonly called.

Image distilled from the BBC.

Last Updated 30 November 2006