A Very Bassey Christmas

By Talia Last edited 148 months ago
A Very Bassey Christmas

We don't have any real desire to plug Marks and Spencers but is this the greatest advert ever?

We think so. We don't really know who any of the people are in it apart from Twiggy, but we're very fond of the incredible smugness and evil cackling of a posher version of Kym Marsh who we're told is famous fashion model Erin O'Connor.

Now, without wanting to come across as sudden mega Dame Shirley Bassey fans (yes, this is the second post about her in 20 days), the Welsh wonderess' version of Get The Party Started is quite simply AMAZING and we think it would be a brilliant Christmas no. 1. If anything is going to beat the predictability of an X-Factor winner, then please, music execs out there, make it this song.

Plus while we can't help but think John Harris at The Guardian is making news out of nothing, we love Boz's thinking of to how this advert came about.

Forgive the shouting and multiple exclamation mark madness, but this is not just any James Bond tribute advert, this is the M&S James Bond tribute advert. You can picture the scene. It's 3am. The boardroom of the 'Creative Department' of the M&S ad agency. Tension is mounting, like a string section from a Hitchcock film. When suddenly, from a dark, smoke-filled corner: "Get me The Bassey's agent! IT! SHALL! HAPPEN!!"

Brilliant. Get odds on our favourite dame for Christmas no. 1 at Paddy Power

Last Updated 29 November 2006