A Boy's Best Friend

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A Boy's Best Friend

A nice heart warming story for a miserable cold wet afternoon:

THE mum of an autistic boy who has a special "E.T.-like bond" with his dog says the pet has taught her son to walk. Tracy Smith believes Stripy, a seven-year-old Newfoundland, has transformed her boy Ryan's life. When Ryan was born doctors told Tracy he might never be able to walk and it was possible he would never be able to sit up. But thanks to Stripy he defied doctors who feared his autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) would cripple him. The mum-of-two from Burford Way, New Addington, explained: "As soon as we got her they just bonded. She started teaching him to walk.

You just wouldn't get that with a cat would you?

Thankfully doggies are easier to replace that extra terrestrials so if the worst ever happens and the government raids the house in hazmat suits, drag Stripy to an undisclosed location and perform experiments on the little girl until she goes to puppy heaven its just a matter of nipping to Battersea for Stripy II.

None of that phone home crap and messing around on a BMX.

Last Updated 17 November 2006