Kids are still stupid

By sizemore Last edited 146 months ago
Kids are still stupid

Goddamn kids with their scary hoods and slang that makes us feel old. In our day we were happy with Manic Miner, but these days its all PSP this and GTA that... and now the little buggers are popping pills and driving all over the place without the proper documentation:

Nearly one-in-five young people in London and the South East have driven without a licence, a survey from road safety charity Brake has shown.

About 20% have driven after drinking alcohol and one-in-six has been a passenger in a car driven by a driver on drink or drugs.

If only there was a war zone we could ship 'em off to... Brake reckon the answer is graduated driver licensing so there is a provisional period where new drivers have restrictions and also wants compulsory road safety education in schools for all ages.

We'd add a weekly school trip to the nearest morgue too. Either that or fit all cars with a version of KITT that can nag them to slow down and tidy their bedrooms.

Last Updated 07 November 2006