4th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt - The Results!

By Hazel Last edited 146 months ago
4th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt - The Results!

The results of the 4th London Flickr Scavenger Hunt are coming in and it was clearly a grand, giggly, giddy afternoon out on the town. Taking place in a strict 3 hour slot last Saturday, the Scavenger Hunt organisers came up with a set of 20 cryptic clues that drove a handful of hardy London souls around the city with cameras, snapping suits, locating the London Stone and discovering exactly which pub serves pints with a hint of grievous bodily harm..

The clues are marvellous and the entire hunt turns London into a crossword puzzle come to life. We particularly liked the answer to clue no. 9 - SwapxSwap was a little too cryptic for non-participants such as ourselves but having seen what the teams came up with for the answer, it's a neat and "oh! That's what it is!" solution...

This being a Flickr Scavenger Hunt means a glorious map is available (haven't you already noticed that Londonist loves maps?) You can see where each of the pictures were taken and it's almost like you were there yourself.

Well done to everyone who took part and to the organisers - see you at the next Scavenger Hunt!

Image shows Ayres no Graces answer to clue no. 11 - "Where all good cockneys are born..."

Last Updated 01 November 2006