Polar Blair

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Polar Blair

The massive, melting head of Tony Blair is on display in Trafalgar Square. It's just like the glory days, when London's landmarks would be decorated with the noggins of notorious traitors. Only this isn't his real head. And Tony Blair isn't a notorious traitor.

No. This is a 4 ft ice sculpture of the PM's private think tank, unveiled today by these green activists. According to the BBC:

Their message to Mr Blair is that as his premiership melts away, he still has a chance to make a lasting impact on climate change.

Very clever. We like it. And so did John Prescott, who later ground down the phoney Tony into a 40 kg slush puppy.

But Blair wasn't the only debutant sculpture today, and it's time to adopt a less flippant tone. Over on Tower Hill, a memorial to killed-on-job construction workers was unveiled in the presence of the Mayor. The bronze statue by Alan Wilson represents a hard-hatted worker clutching a spirit level. Such a commemoration is, of course, timely, coming so soon after a fatal crane accident in Battersea. That's just the tip of a brick in a very long hod of accidents, however, with tens of workers killed every year. The Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians plan to lobby for new accountability laws and an annual Worker's Memorial Day.

Last Updated 11 October 2006