Paws: The Revenge

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Paws: The Revenge

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Bluewater… Exotic uber-moggies are said to be prowling the perimeter of Kent’s premier shopping destination.

Two species of cat - a black leopard and a puma - have been seen near the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. There have been 35 sightings in the past three months.

Sounds like our old friend The Beast of Bexley has migrated east, and found a not-so-little friend.

On one occasion, a black leopard was spotted in broad daylight by a family eating in the meal enclosure near McDonalds.

‘Meal enclosure’? Makes you wonder who the real animals are here.

More on this story here, including tens of eyewitness accounts and a supremely gory deer mauling. Experts reckon there are at least 15 black leopards in Kent alone, with an undisclosed number of pumas and lynx. It truly is a jungle out there.

Last Updated 02 October 2006


Experts or 'experts'?

Not that I'm a cynic about eye-witness accounts of surprisingly interesting things. That would be bad karma.


Paul Homles

The Yanks have ripped off the Haka! What next. US NFL team.

What next


"At the beginning of 2006 a Medway woman filmed a Lynx from just a few metres. Sceptics seem to argue that not enough clear footage of these cats exists but that’s complete rubbish. KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH has several crystal clear films of Puma, Lynx, Jungle Cat and Black Leopard, but just because such footage isn’t plastered over the tabloids does not mean these cats aren’t there."

Presumably there is a reason such 'crystal-clear footage' is not plastered all over the tabloids. Someone, somewhere, is talking bollocks.


Find it strange 'James' that you made such a dismissive comment considering your lack of knowledge. Yes, I do have severeal clear films of large cats roaming the UK wilds, and the reason such footage is not plastered across the tabloids is because these animals should be protected and the areas they inhabit monitored, but it's nice people like yourself are so sceptical in a way, and your comments as mythical as you propose the animals to be.


A very sad and dismissive comment to make James, almost as mythical as you propose the animals to be.