London Olympic Stadium To Be Like A Vauxhall

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London Olympic Stadium To Be Like A Vauxhall

Remember the Vauxhall Zafira? It had seven seats but then you could go crazy and have just two, or five, and they wiggled around into all sorts of positions. A dogger's dream (we assume).

It seems the new olympic stadium may have a similar arrangement.

U.S. architects HOK, the company selected by the Olympic Delivery Authority to design the stadium for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, revealed that the final design, which will be unveiled in the new year, could feature retractable seating tiers, a folding roof, removable stands and could even change its height.

Architect Rod Sheard said,

It should be possible to turn an arena that was an Olympic stadium for 80,000 spectators one year into an arena for 20,000 the next year and a Commonwealth Games arena for 40,000 the year after. We are trying to do something that no other Olympic city has ever done.

Presumably this is all done with the aid of with a giant alan key.

It sounds like a rather good idea to us. Of course this is all contingent on tracking down some builders who can negotiate all this new cutting edge technology. Thankfully those working on Wembley seem to be tied up until 2020 with their current project so they are out of the running.

Last Updated 17 October 2006