Interview: Reintroducing Siobhán Donaghy

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Interview: Reintroducing Siobhán Donaghy
Siobhán Donaghy

It's been a while since we heard from Siobhán Donaghy - the much missed v.1 Sugababe. Her underrated debut album Revolution in Me failed to set the charts alight, but left even the normally cutting Stylus Magazine review cooing "It’s a long time since I’ve swooned around my bedroom like this. Oh Siobhán. I'm in love." Now as things come together with a new label and a second album, we caught up with the lady herself for a quick chat.

It's been a long time since anyone but the most die hard fans heard from you, what have you been upto?

Well, about two and half years ago I parted ways with London Records and after a meeting with James Sanger, a producer, I started writing solo album no.2. I wanted to take my time with this record as, as much as I adored my first record, Revolution In Me, I didn't want to make a continuation of it. So I was after a fresh sound and I found a man with a vision. James and I have been working on tracks for my new album Ghosts in Northern France for nearly two years.

For the rest of the time - I'd probably have to say I've been on long holidays, doing a bit of travelling. These were inspiring so it was worth the long process of it all in the end. Together we've blended all our influences together, most of which you'll find on my myspace page but we looked mostly to trippy acts such as The Cocteau Twins. We wanted to make an emotive record...a really personal record that really meant something special to us, without losing touch with our audience - Whoever that might be, everyone we hope. I think in the end we acheived even more than we'd imagined and are now continually receiving positive feedback across the board.

Are there any other new artists that you're digging at the moment?

At the moment the artists I'd recommend are Harold Budd and Ratatat. They're both very otherworldly and intriguing.

Have you got a favourite clubnight in London?

Now, I havent been as yet so am probably going to recieve a slapped wrist for this but I'd like to promote the club Too2much. My mate, Lady Lloyd, helps run a night there every wednesday and it's fabulous. If you want to find out more, it's called Trannyshack and check out their myspace.

Here at Londonist, we're all about the cool things in London. Is there anything you think is great, but you don't think enough people know about?

It's so simple but I went to London Zoo the other day. I used to have a bee in my bonnet about animals in captivity and although in an ideal world I think for them to be free etc would be wonderful, I did have the most lovely day. They have a huge blow up tent in the shape of a caterpillar which is full of thousands of butterflies and you walk from one end to the other and they fly around you and if your lucky, land on you too! Ooo it was rather magic!

Photo Credit: Perry Curties for 125 Magazine

Last Updated 09 October 2006