By sizemore Last edited 145 months ago

This little virtual recreation of Borough High Street is in the immortal words of Kevin Coster, neat.

We had fun just wandering around getting in the way of the traffic, but by designing your own street you can:

choose the nature and extent of traffic calming and traffic management

position trees, cycle racks, benches and tables onto the street

explore your designs in 3D

save your designs to the walk2go archive

comment on the designs saved by other visitors to the site

What you can't do is:

go to the George for a pint and take the piss out of tourists

petrol bomb the crowd at Borough Market, pull the driver out of a black cab and then drive it down the tube

hit on the cute single mum outside the HSBC

equip your own avatar with 16 fleshy sex organs like in Second Life

collect 100 golden rings and then kick the crap out of Doctor Robotnik

We know - we've tried.

Last Updated 04 October 2006