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Extra, Extra
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  • Ken Livingstone has won his court bid to overturn his suspension following the 'Nazi jibe' incident.
  • The Department for Transport has announced simplified rail fares structure for London. Pricing for single and return rail tickets will be based on the Underground zones.
  • Black cab TX4 - the next generation. Runs on a Bio-Diesel fuel-mix and has been tested over 'pave cobbled road surfaces'.
  • The 2012 Olympic Games in London will be a "huge target" for terrorists says Ian Blair. What would we do without him?
  • Our new favourite Flickr destination: crap North London local paper headlines. 'Yob gang steals park' is top of the list right now.
  • Coldplay have bought a multi-million pound mansion in Hampstead to turn into their official HQ/recording studio.
  • Image courtesy of windscreen fly via the Londonist flickr group.

    Last Updated 19 October 2006


    golly ... you're all so metropolitan aren't you?! Ever thought that some of those 'crap' newspaper stories are actually quite important to the people who live in the area?
    And that 'yob gang steals park' is a deliberate attempt to attract people's attention. Surely you'd want to read that!?!
    This flikr site does the exact opposite of the Evening Standard montage - which points out just how out of touch the ES is with Londoners. Local weekly papers, on the other hand, tend to have their fingers pretty much on the pulse. (Not as much as londonist, obviously!)

    London Salmon

    Just a comment about Ken Livingstone getting away with being officially offensive, as opposed to being normally offensive. He successfully proved he was acting as a private citizen when he made those comments, but he is protected by his office for up to £80,000 of the legal costs. Convenient that...

    windscreen fly

    Simon, it's called tongue in cheek I think and also it's not those nice people at Londonist behind the flickr "crap headlines" set. I doubt anyone is saying that local news is not important, but let's face it, local papers are crap most of the time...unless you get kicks out of cats up tree rescues and marrow of the year winners at church fetes?

    Hey, great photo too! ;)