Dogs Full Of Money

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Dogs Full Of Money

We were going to save this one for Random Graffiti of the Week, but it's just too delicious to sit on. Walking around Shoreditch over the weekend, we kept spying these odd little stickers plastered with a regularity beaten only by those sodding onlyjoe labels.

So what are they? Well, we soon found an explanation here:

“What’s a Dog full of Money?” It is NOT a ‘Guide dogs for the Blind’ dog shaped collection box known as a ‘Fred’!!! Let’s just get that straight. A Dog full of Money or DFM is one of those plastic dogs you sometimes see outside charity shops which you can put money or JUNK in it’s head. They are very rare these days, in fact the only one we currently know of lives in a supermarket in Bristol. My friend Satan Christ and I (Steven Mugabe) are Dog full of Money enthusiasts. We produce stickers, posters, stencils, T-shirts etc…. to celebrate DFMs. This is NOT a brand! Dog Full of Money/DFM is the name of our brand.

What a wonderful thing to celebrate. Their web site is here, if you want to see more. And if you've spotted any variations on the theme that we missed, send photos to the usual address.

Last Updated 16 October 2006