Deakin vs Middleton: Let The Battle Commence

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Deakin vs Middleton: Let The Battle Commence

It's not often that the motley gang here at Londonist plan clubbing nights out with more than a couple of hours, or at most a day to go. So brace yourselves, here comes a suggestion a whopping NINE days early.


Reasons why this will be ace:

1. It's a good excuse to go to Bloomsbury Bowling Alleys. Drinks aren't that expensive (cocktails from about £4), it's smack bang in the middle of well, Bloomsbury (well done them on their name), plus it's all retro, kitsch and cute.

2. Fred Deakin is both the man behind the bizarre and wonderful Lemon Jelly and the rather groovy Airside T-Shirt Shop.

3. Tom Middleton is a fun DJ who doesn't need silly hair to be deemed cool. He has a beard instead. You might know him as Cosmos who had a 'smash' top 40 hit with Take Me With You, or as a Jedi Knight (the name of another dj duo he's in, not just him being funny on the last census.)

4. When Londonist decamped to Bestival last month, which by the way, was the best festival we've ever been to - Tom Middleton and Fred Deakin did this Cosmic Fury thing they're doing at this event. in the Big Top Tent. We were trying to be cool and see Justice but got diverted by this pair playing ridiculous things one after another. Imagine lots of 'cool' kids in a field dancing to Betty Boo, Sugababes, Prodigy and best of all Ambassadors of Funk - Supermarioland.

5. At said Bestival event, the everpresent long fringed 'serious' DJ Erol Alkan took over after the pair. Darling Tom and Fred left him on Don Hartman Relight My Fire.

6. Bloomsbury Bowl offers you the opportunity to both dance, drink, bowl, eat and do karaoke.

7. Yes, karaoke. They have rooms you can rent out overlooking the bowling lanes where you and your mates can take over a machine and sing to yourself all night long.

8. This event is celebrating the launch of Tom's second The Trip album. Without his first Trip album, Robbie Williams would never have heard and covered Lovelight by Lewis Taylor. Yes, we are seriously bigging up Robbie here because his new single (and in fact album) is the best thing we have heard in absolutely ages. Thank you Mr Middleton.

9. We will be there getting drunk and if nothing else that will be funny.

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Last Updated 18 October 2006