Deaf from Above

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Deaf from Above

The London Assembly has a new report showing that there's a lot more helicopters hovering over the city than there used to be:

The study highlights Londoners' growing concern about helicopters adding to the "misery" of airplane noise. It wants to introduce a charge for using the capital's airspace and calls on the government to take action to tackle helicopter noise pollution.

A congestion charge for air traffic - interesting. They also want quieter aircraft, but we reckon instead of softening them up they should be even louder. A couple of speakers slung out the sides playing The Ride of the Valkyries would be a good start - maybe letting the pilots sweep down low over Canary Wharf to scatter all the suits would be a good idea too.

And then there's the theme from Airwolf - as heard here in Stringfellow Hawke's battle with Redwolf:

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Having that kind of thing buzzing around Centre Point in the morning would liven up the commute no end.

Last Updated 16 October 2006