A Celebration of Concrete

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A Celebration of Concrete

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Gareth John alerted us to this amazing video he found via Digg.

Out of Time - a celebration of the occasionally loved, but mostly unloved modernist architecture and design of London and beyond in the 60's and 70's. The era of Prime Ministers MacMillan, Wilson and Heath. Tower blocks, car parks, motorways, social housing, schools, cars, trains, shops and public buildings all included. Music is Out of Time by Chris Farlowe, written by the Rolling Stones and released on Immediate Records. Made using original photos taken using Nikon Coolpix digital camera and also a number of scanned prints taken using 35mm Olympus camera a number of years ago. All photos taken this century!!

We're quite fond of modernist architecture, if only because the suffix makes it feel like part of the family.

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