Tube Place Mats

By Rob Last edited 149 months ago
Tube Place Mats

You know, Londonist is two years old next month?

We just thought we'd mention that in case you'd forgotten...oh, and did we tell you how cool we think these London Underground placemats are?

Ok, ok, not very subtle we know. But they are pretty cool (and geeky at the same time, not an easy thing to pull off). Plus they also double as a kind of glass Tube jigsaw, which really appeals to us for some reason.

We found them via our new favourite destination for all things kitsch: They reckon they're "ideal if you've got dinner guests who need to find their way back through London after you've fed them."

And they also pointed us in the direction of these London Underground map wallets.

Annie Mole is going to be sooo jealous.

Last Updated 20 September 2006