The Drain Now Unblocked

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
The Drain Now Unblocked

Well the good news is that the Waterloo & City line is now officially back up and running.

Yes, the rather cute stepson of the Tube has now been fully welcomed into the family after years of being "physically isolated" from the rest of the network (TfL's words, not ours).

So the trains have been completely refurbished, with proper red, white and blue livery and we're also told that the upgrade will mean "faster journeys, more room, CCTV in every carriage and better reliablity."

The bad news of course is that the whole thing was delayed. Metronet were supposed to finish the work off by September 1 "but engineering works overran" due to the fact it was "a complex project requiring a great deal of work".

Complex? It only has two stops! Oh well, ten days over isn't all that bad for the Tube.

If you got the Drain into work this morning let us know if you noticed any improvement.

Last Updated 11 September 2006