Stage On A Sunday

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Stage On A Sunday

The Telegraph is reporting today that Sunday theatre-going may be a possibility within the next 12 months.

You may remember earlier this year when the National theatre announced plans to start staging performances on Sundays and that the National's artistic director Nicholas Hytner was reported to be "close to securing a deal that will turn the South Bank complex into a seven-day-a-week operation."

Well, since then we've heard nothing, but today Nick Starr, the executive director at the National is quoted as saying that negotiations with unions have been going on over the past six months, but there was still a way to go: "they accept it is going to come but we've got lots and lots of talking to do."

However they are hopeful that Sunday performances will begin some time next year, and once they do all the other theatres will more than likely follow suit.

Personally we'd love it if we could attend the odd matinee on a Sunday, and as long as everyone gets paid for their time (apparently Sunday opening would cost the National an additional £300,000 to £500,000 a year) then we'd even pay a little bit extra... but only if they keep doing the Travelex £10 offers, because we love them.

The NT's programme for the next year was also revealed yesterday, so if you want to see what they've got coming up take a look here.

Last Updated 13 September 2006