SpongeBob Update

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SpongeBob Update

A couple of weeks ago we told you about how SpongeBob the famous once kidnapped monkey had been moved to Battersea Zoo after a failure to reintegrate with his Chessington World of Adventures family and injury at the hands of his past girlfriends. We all wished him the best in his new London home.

Time for an update.

According to the Guardian,

The shell-shocked creature has now been at Battersea Zoo for five weeks and is doing well, despite the emotional turmoil of the past few months. According to Catherine Epps, SpongeBob's new keeper, he is flirting nicely with one of the zoo's six females, a seven-year-old called Plum.


There is also news of his replacement at Chessington - an older, one-eared male called Van Gogh who "has been with girls before and knows what it's all about". He is currently nursing a broken leg.


Last Updated 26 September 2006