SpongeBob Moves To London!

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SpongeBob Moves To London!

Remember SpongeBob the kidnapped squirrel monkey?

The happy ending to SpongeBob's adventure may not be so happy after all. When returned to Chessington World of Adventures he failed to reintegrate with the rest of his troop. One of the female monkeys bit his foot and the staff had to put him in a separate enclosure for his own safety. He has now been moved to Battersea Zoo, where the lucky boy will move in with five young females. He has been replaced at Chessington by a new male called Van Gogh.

Head of mammals Sonia Freeman said,

SpongeBob has not had an easy time of it since the theft ... The taunts he received from the other monkeys deeply upset him, so we separated him and had to make the devastating decision to find him a new home ... Bob will be sorely missed by everyone at Chessington, he is a cheeky chappy with a great personality.

He certainly does have a great personality, as can be seen from his very own blog, the Spongeblog,

What a day! I have now officially left Chessington World of Adventures for my new home in Battersea Park Zoo – I do get about, don’t I? It is weird to think I am not going to be at Chessington any more, but here’s to a new and exciting adventure.

The trip wasn’t too bad. My transport arrived early this morning and I was once again on the move as we went the short trip to South London.

It’ll be a few days until I get to join the other monkeys - but I had a peek at them as I arrived and I am mighty impressed! The ladies are cute! I can’t wait to explore my new home and meet them face-to-face.

Ooh, the cheeky monkey.

Thankfully, justice is in the course of being done, unemployed Brixton man Marlon Brown who has been charged with the theft of Sponge Bob will appear at Kingston Magistrates' Court on Thursday.

The best news I had this week is that the nice policemen have arrested the man they think stole me, so hopefully he will get what he deserves. I really do have to say I think it was very inconsiderate of him to cause all this malarkey – people should learn to respect us animals and understand that actions have consequences.

Last Updated 11 September 2006