Pandemic On The Streets Of London

By Rob Last edited 148 months ago
Pandemic On The Streets Of London

Ever wondered how the financial services sector would cope with a bird flu pandemic?

Well, we're about to find out... sort of.

Next month more than 60 organisations from the financial services industry will take part in an annual 'simulation of a major crisis' exercise staged by finance industry regulators. Last year it was 'major operational disruption', this year it's sick chickens.

Think of it as a kind of office christmas party with a different fancy dress theme every year... and every year loads of people turn up in anti-contamination suits.

The amazing thing about this year's exercise is that it's due to run from October 13 to November 24. That's one long exercise. During that time the banks and financial services firms will receive "regular updates on the severity of the pandemic, its effect on them and on the wider economy." Which basically means they'll get to see if their plans can cope with things like "reduced staffing levels, disruption to transport, power and telecoms."

If you want to depress yourself a bit more by reading about how the City will cope if loads of people die, then you can visit the Financial Sector Continuity website here (there's even a list of useful bird flu links for the especially paranoid among you).

Last Updated 15 September 2006