One In Eleven

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One In Eleven

On average, people in Britain have sex once a week.

Five years ago, the Medical Research Council published findings on sex at the Millennium, the results of which were used by government departments to inform sexual health policies and to produce estimates of current levels of HIV infection and AIDS cases.

One of the findings of the report (conducted between May 1999 and February 2001) was that "one in 23 men [in the UK] have paid for sex in the last five years, rising to one in eleven men living in London."

One lady escort, who introduces herself as Kama of Kingston, writes in an online blog:

"Men in London are twice as likely to have sex with a prostitute as men in any other part of the UK. This could be a result of London men having more disposable income to spend on sex, or it could even mean that the greater supply of sex workers has created a demand for paid recreational sex."

At the time of the survey, one in ten adults in Great Britain admitted to having had a sexually transmitted infection, with Chlamydia being the most commonly reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection.

Professor Anne Johnson, professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at University College London, said:

"People reported more sexual partners, homosexual experience and contact with prostitutes than they did ten years ago. These findings are in line with demographic changes which show that people are getting married later and have more partners before they settle into long-term relationships. The results are also consistent with recent increases in the incidence of sexually transmitted infections in Britain."

Kama of Kingston is politely refusing to service US citizens who voted in the Bush administration, because she opposed the "moral strings that the US conservatives attach to foreign funding, especially around HIV/AIDS in developing countries."

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