Oh No Not Again

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Oh No Not Again

For Crying Out Loud. Will this never stop?

In Tim Moore's excellent 2002 book, Do Not Pass Go, there's that lovely story of the cabbie who turns to his fare and says, "London. Great town, this. Or it will be when it's finished."

And that's fine, that really is fine. London is a Work In Progress.

But this is just taking the piss somewhat. We'd just got through bemoaning the fact that one of our favourite restaurants has been turned into spurious living space. Now the brewery that own the Intrepid Fox have sold the pub out from underneath Pat and have given him two weeks to vacate so they can turn it into a load of flats:

From www.myspace.com/intrepidfox: "As some of you may be aware, The Intrepid Fox (97-99 Wardour St.) is going through a period of uncertainty regarding it's future as one of the few remaining icons of the London alternative scene.

Due to the continued and relentless re-development of the West End, we find ourselves under new ownership. Unfortunately, we have to announce that we will be closing on the Monday 11th September.

The Intrepid Fox will continue to live, whether it be in the present venue or elsewhere...

We have been over-whelmed by the depth of support, the messages of encouragement received towards our efforts to maintain the spirit of rock 'n roll alive in Soho...

To you, we express our thanks...

We would like to invite you to our "leaving" party on SATURDAY 9th SEPTEMBER...BE A PART OF THE HISTORY OF THIS FUCKIN' TOWN...

Although passionate and volatile ourselves, we wish to maintain a credible response to our new owners, and ask that any of our regulars direct their energies towards positive action;

we shall shortly inform you of the part YOU can play in the campaign to ensure that the Fox survives the hunt...Rock 'n fuckin' Roll!!!"

Fill in the online petition to Save the Intrepid Fox!

Bloody vandals.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

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