Needed: Idiot's Guide To Flickr Geotagging

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Needed: Idiot's Guide To Flickr Geotagging

How’s everyone getting on with their Flickr geotagging? Not very well, is the verdict from reader Michael Reeve. He’s invented a fun little game for spotting inept geotaggers.

Pick a london landmark, e.g. Buckingham Palace, then using the "Explore photos on a map" feature to search for the spread of photographs tagged with that landmark (search for "buckinghampalace") and zoom in on London to see where the silly tourists think it’s actually located.

Buckingham Palace is apparently located here.

With rather charming clusters around Smithfield meat market and, perhaps more puzzlingly, the north side of Southwark Bridge.

Obviously, it works better with shorter buildings - if you try "londoneye", you get a massive spread of photographs... but that’s more testament to the size of the Eye that it can be seen a long way away, rather than tourists' inability to handle a guidebook while geotagging holiday snaps.


So, quick competition for a boring Monday afternoon. Who can find the most dumbly geotagged London landmark? Name and shame, folks. Name and shame.

Last Updated 11 September 2006