Met To Menezes Officer: Good Job!

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Met To Menezes Officer: Good Job!

It was revealed yesterday that the senior officer in charge on the day Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead is to be promoted.

Commander Cressida Dick (no...too easy) is currently in control of the gun cruime unit Operation Trident, and was in charge of the 'tactical delivery' of the Menezes operation the day he was shot for getting on a Tube train.

With the promotion she will become a deputy assistant commissioner.

The Chair of the Metropolitan Police Authority defended the promotion saying;

Candidates were chosen on the basis of their application and ability. The MPA would not prejudice an officer's fair promotion prospects by making assumptions about future disciplinary action."

Fair promotion prospects? Was 'ensure at least one innocent man dies' one of the goals Commander Dick was given as part of her yearly assessment?

Ok, so the investigation into what happened and who was at fault that day has yet to even begin, but surely the Met could delay any incredibly insensitive and possibly damaging promotions until it is; at least for the de Menezes family's sake (and we're sure Commander Dick isn't having the greatest time of her life right now either).

Speaking of the family, a spokesmen released a statement late yesterday which said:

The family are absolutely disgusted and outraged at what is just one more slap in the face. We have not even seen the beginning, let alone the end, of the legal process as to who is culpable and responsible for the death of an innocent man.

How can the Metropolitan Police Authority give the green light to promote Cressida Dick, someone who is centrally involved in the court case?

Last Updated 13 September 2006